Santa Barbara, CA Real Estate

Ever wonder what living in paradise would be like? Life in Santa Barbara comes pretty close! With its gorgeous Mediterranean climate, stunning cliffside views, historic architecture, a sense of community, and the Pacific Coast right on its doorstep — Santa Barbara offers all that and more. It’s no wonder Santa Barbara is fondly referred to as the American Riviera.

Santa Barbara is situated on California’s south coast, about two hours from Los Angeles, alongside its neighbors – trendy Montecito, the city of Goleta to the north, and Summerland and Carpinteria to the south.

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Thinking of Moving to Santa Barbara? Here’s What You Should Know

As soon as you arrive, you’ll see Santa Barbara is no big city. It has an excellent population density for its size, bringing a sensation of space and a strong community feeling that permeates the neighborhoods.

Santa Barbara has a population of around 90,911, with a median age of 38.9 years. The largest Santa Barbara ethnic groups are White (55.8%), followed by Hispanic (36.7%) and Asian (3.6%). Households in Santa Barbara, CA, have a median annual income of $81,618 and 0.0% of Santa Barbara families live in poverty.

Santa Barbara, CA Homes For Sale

Renters take up 59% of Santa Barbara, CA, real estate, while homeowners live in 41% of the 37,806 occupied housing units in Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara, CA Homes For Sale

While single-family homes dominate Santa Barbara’s real estate market, homes for sale in Santa Barbara consist of everything from mobile homes and apartments to duplexes and multi-family dwellings.

East Mesa has a median listing price of $4M, making it Santa Barbara’s most expensive neighborhood. On the other hand, Eastside is Santa Barbara’s most affordable neighborhood, holding a median home list price of $1.3M.

Some of the top schools in Santa Barbara, CA, include:

  • Cold Spring Elementary School
  • Mountain View Elementary School
  • Dos Pueblos Senior High School
  • San Marcos Senior High School
  • Santa Barbara Senior High School

Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Trends

The Santa Barbara housing market is somewhat competitive. In September 2022, the average home in Santa Barbara is listing for $972K, trending up 15.3% year-over-year. Santa Barbara’s average selling price per square foot is $1.1K, while the median home sold price was $2.4M. The average rent in Santa Barbara is $2,550.

Santa Barbara, CA, is a buyer’s market in September 2022. This means more people are looking to purchase homes that are available for sale. There are 223 homes for sale, ranging from $41K to $68M.

2022-2023 Housing Market Trends in Santa Barbara, CA

Here’s what you can expect from different types of properties in Santa Barbara, CA, in 2022-2023:

  • Median List Price: $2.1M
  • Median List/sq.Ft.: $1.1K
  • Median Sold Home Price: $2.4M
  • Median Rent Price Per Month: $2,550
  • Median Home Value: $2.34M

» Santa Barbara Single Family Homes

There are currently 142 Single Family Santa Barbara homes for sale. Single-family homes in Santa Barbara, CA, will set you back between $625K and $68M.

» Santa Barbara Condos

The median list price of Condos in Santa Barbara, CA, is $1M.

» Santa Barbara Rental Properties

There are 115 apartments and houses in Santa Barbara, CA, available for rent. These range in price from $3,200/month to $66,000/month.

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Home Value in Santa Barbara, CA

According to Realtor, the typical value of homes in Santa Barbara, CA, in September 2022 is $2.1M, an increase of 15.3% over the past year. The median listing home price per square foot was $1.1K, while the median home sold price was $2.4M. Santa Barbara has a sale-to-List price ratio of 96.98%

The Best Neighborhoods in Santa Barbara for Real Estate Investment

We’ve compiled a summary of the premier options for real estate investments in Santa Barbara, CA.

» East Mesa

Located on an elevated seat directly above the sea, East Mesa should be on your radar if you’re all about epic views and have a youthful spirit. East Mesa has a typical home value of about $4 million, making it the most expensive neighborhood in Santa Barbara

» Eucalyptus Hill

One of Santa Barbara’s most sought-after neighborhoods, Eucalyptus Hill is nestled alongside the beautiful foothills of the American Riviera, giving residents access to fantastic mountain and ocean views. The average price of a home here is $3.9M, and the average rent is over $2,305

» Cielito

When you experience the serenity of Cielito paired with stylish homes, gorgeous ocean views, and the comfortable Mediterranean climate, you’ll start to understand why the average price of a home in Cielito is $3.6M.

» Riviera

Reminiscent of the southern coast of France, The Riviera, just north of Downtown Santa Barbara, is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Santa Barbara. It comes fourth on the list with a median home price of $3.5M and a median rent of $2,810

» Bel Air

As with most of Santa Barbara’s neighborhoods, privacy reigns king, and it’s no different in Bel Air. Bel Air is a popular Santa Barbara neighborhood for home buyers who can afford a home in the median price range of $2.7M. Rental pricing in this beautiful neighborhood averages around $2,661.

» Lower Riviera

Since residents enjoy living in Lower Riviera, homes don’t often go on the market. When homes are available, they usually list for somewhere around $2.6M. Lower Riviera’s average rent is $2,995 as of September 2022.

» Alta Mesa

Alta Mesa, situated further from the coast, is in an ideal location central to every corner of Santa Barbara. A home in this hillside ridge will set you back around $2.2million.

» Eastside

Want to live near Downtown Santa Barbara? Consider Eastside! The Santa Barbara - Eastside neighborhood offers a perfect mix of urban attractions with the relaxed feel of suburban living. Eastside is also the most affordable place to live in Santa Barbara, with a median home list price of $1.3M

Finding Your Dream Home in Santa Barbara, CA

With any move, it’s never too early to start planning, even if it’s just doing research.

If you’re looking for your dream home in Santa Barbara, you can greatly simplify the process by partnering with a Santa Barbara realtor with years of experience serving the region. Casey Gordon is well-versed in the Santa Barbara real estate as well as Ventura County and surrounding areas!

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